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Updated 9/22/2015

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Online, direct ordering

    You can now order directly from us. Simply Email what product you are wanting, Your Quantity and we will reply back to you within 2 business days with your cost and payment options. Please note, we only sell direct in quantities of one full case or more (40 or 50 thousand pcs.) For smaller quantities. Try one of our distributors listed to the left..

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Pricing is based on quantity. Bellow is our standard price list for our products. If you require quantities larger than listed. Please contact us directly for special pricing.

  Synergy Ball
Synergy spacers are available in TWO sizes, .270 Diameter AND NOW .245!!!.

Synergy pricing structure:

5,000    -     9,000   =  $14.50 per thousand
10,000  -   19,000   = $13.00 per thousand
20,000  -   79,000   = $12.50 per thousand
80,000  -  159,000  = $11.50 per thousand
160,000 - 249,000  = $11.00 per thousand

Tube-Its products pricing is exactly $1.00 more per thousand as listed for Synergy Spacers.
Tube-Its are available in a few different sizes and materials. PLEASE make note on your order the CORRECT Tube-It for your needs. Here is a basic breakdown of the Tube-Its offered. If you have ANY questions, PLEASE, do not hesitate to contact us and ASK.

Tube-Its Product line:


Tube-Its #519-G (soft) .265 o.d. x .150 i.d. x .500,
Best Used in 1/4" Grove Tan

Tube-Its #529-G (soft) .229 o.d. x .125 i.d. x .500, Best Used in 5mm Grove Tan

Tube-Its products pricing is exactly $1.00 more per thousand as listed for Synergy Spacers.

JBL Supply will NOT directly advise you on which product to use in your doors. Every customer is different. We feel it is up to YOU, the customer to choose the “right” product. We will give you any dimensional information we can on the product and we will send you samples of every size and material if need be so you have everything you need to make your decision.

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